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Our Senior Investigator

  • Has as over 30 years of experience in the practice of professional investigation and determination of fire and explosion cause and origin which has been gained in Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland.

  • Has an Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Fire Investigation)

  • Investigations conducted range from minor fires, vehicle and structure fires to major events with commercial losses of between 10-50 million dollars. With involvement in the investigation of over 120 fires involving fatalities he has experience at scenes working with police services in Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland and has a detailed understanding of the preservation of scenes and the collection of crucial forensic evidence.

  • Having been engaged to assist with investigation of the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria in 2009 to specifically conduct detailed forensic examinations of all sites/scenes where fatalities and significant structural damage had occurred, has attended in excess of 450 scenes and documented and reported circumstances specific to fire intensity, topography, bushfire preparedness, construction materials, access egress for occupants and reported on the psychological impacts encountered by the survivors.

  • Has been trained in the field of Post Blast Analysis and IED Scene Examination.

  • Has been accepted as an expert witness for the presentation of evidence in the Coroner’s, Supreme and Magistrate’s Courts of Tasmania.

  • Since 2013 has been engaged by insurers to provide independent assessment of fire related claims. 

  • Has accumulated a wide range of experience in respect to fire behaviour and the way in which structures, vehicles and vegetation burn, in both practical and theoretical scenarios in training and attending fire incidents to undertake suppression activities. He has been requested by various groups and organisations to present case studies in several mainland states at seminars and conferences specific to Fire and Explosion Investigation.